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How AI can transform Corporate Immigration

Author - Raj Vijay

Organizations are relying on overseas workers to provide the skills and expertise to meet their business needs. Most corporates rely on Immigration law firms for services like preparing and filing visa and work permit applications.

Corporate Immigration for United States is one of the most popular and sought after service for clients all across the world. Immigration law firms process several thousands of visa cases each day under immigrant and non-immigrant categories. The H, L, F, J and Green Cards are the most common visa types processed, of which the H cases contribute more than 50% of the cases processed every year.

According to the data released by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the agency received
398,267 petitions in 2021.

Immigration law firms employ a large pool of resources to complete the documentation of these visa types on time. The visa application workflow is currently a manual process with minimal automation.

Image below shows a high-level workflow of visa processing for H1-B case. Average processing time is approximately two hours per case.

In the H1-B workflow, the steps remain the same or require very minor changes for all H1-B visa applications irrespective of the applicant’s country, education background, employment type, company etc. This makes it one of the best use cases of automation. Analyzing documents & images to identify the document type and extracting data reliably is still a missing feature in most of the popular automation software. To automate these kind of workflows we need solutions that are far more advanced than currently available automation software.

Custom build AI Vision models along with automation can solve most of the complex workflows in a visa processing. The field of AI has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. Advancements in cloud computing along with cheaper compute instances have helped small and mid size companies to build AI models to solve scenarios specific to their industry.

To build an efficient AI model, companies should have a team with expertise in computer vision, large data set of images to train the AI model and finally and an expert pool of automation engineers.

This is where platforms like Infinity from Inception Ai comes in. Infinity is an AI engine specifically designed to solve US visa processing workflows.

Infinity uses state of the art AI/ML models to extract information from passports, visas, educational documents and scanned images with absolute accuracy. Infinity's AI automation engine uses the extracted data to complete visa documentation end to end without any manual intervention.

Following is the same H1-B workflow using Infinity:

It is a customizable cloud hosted solution that works 24/7 and can automatically scale up and down based on work load. Our product and linked platforms satisfy all global standards with respect to security, privacy, and compliance controls.

Infinity is 10x faster and 50% cheaper than manual documentation. Our solution does not have any fixed costs and can be configured easily without any technical knowledge.

Infinity is exponentially faster and cheaper than any visa documentation workflows currently available. This makes it an ideal solution for immigration law firms to adopt.

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