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Leading immigration law firms trust Infinity to accelerate their U.S. immigration workflows and effortlessly draft all popular U.S. visas in just 10 minutes.

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What is Infinity platform?

Infinity is our flagship AI platform designed specifically for US immigration processes. Infinity generates complete visa dockets and supporting letters by precisely extracting information from documents such as passports, visas, educational certificates, and more, without any manual intervention.

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Who can benefit

  • Immigration Law Firms

    Streamline your visa application processes and reduce manual workload

  • Corporate HR Departments

    Efficiently handle employee visa requirements with automated accuracy

  • Immigration Consultants

    Improve service delivery with faster, error-free documentation

Key features of

Whether you're a law firm, HR department, or immigration consultant, Infinity adapts to your needs, providing reliable and scalable solutions.

Boost Efficiency

Generate complete visa dockets quickly, for all major US visa types, such as H-1s, I-140, and AOS, reducing hours of work to just minutes.

Scale with Ease

Infinity is designed to handle any volume of cases, from a few to thousands, making it an ideal solution for law firms of all sizes during peak immigration seasons.

Seamless Integration

Infinity seamlessly integrates with any CMS and DMS currently utilized in your firm, requiring no changes to your existing workflows.

Enhanced Data Security

Infinity is hosted within your firm's network to ensure sensitive information remains encrypted and strictly under your control.

Ensure Accuracy

Advanced AI algorithms verify every detail, greatly reducing errors and enhancing approval chances. This precision streamlines case management and ensures compliance.

Drive Revenue Growth

Increase your capacity to handle more cases without extra resources, allowing for growth in client base and revenue.

Optimize Cost Savings

Reduce operational costs by minimizing manual labor and decreasing the need for additional staff during peak periods.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing model allows you to only pay for what you use. This aligns perfectly with your firm's case volumes, without any upfront commitments.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Michal Terebelo

Director of Technology and Legal, Fakhoury Global Immigration

Infinity has revolutionized the way we handle US immigration workflows. Its cutting-edge AI technology streamlines the process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy like never before. The ability to automatically prepare comprehensive dockets from foreign nationals' documents, with zero manual intervention, is a game-changer. This tool is an indispensable asset for any organization dealing with immigration services. On top of that, the InceptionAI team is professional and responsive, and always eager to collaborate and solve problems.


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